Monday, June 6, 2011     17:19

CIMS Cemetery Software Upgrades

CIMS Testimonial

Ramaker & Associates offers a maintenance program to all of our CIMS and CIMS Light cemetery software clients. Customers that are members of this program receive free upgrades to their products, typically once per year.

We mail out upgrade CDs every year, typically in the Spring. If you would like to receive an upgrade CD, please contact our office at

All of these features have been developed from suggestions from you, our clients. Although it is not possible for us to incorporate every suggestion, we do our best to provide a product that will meet the needs of all of our clients. If you have any ideas for new features, feel free to email us a suggestion.

Version 4.3 of CIMS and CIMS Light includes the following enhancements. While many of the improvements pertain to both CIMS and CIMS Light, changes that pertain only to the mapping functionality of CIMS are marked accordingly:

  1. Map Features (CIMS Only)
    CIMS now allows users to add their own custom features anywhere on the map. Features such as bushes, trees, sidewalks, fire hydrants and many others can be added. Users can select from several colors and sizes of custom map features as well as add in remarks that are viewable via the CemTips feature.
  2. Vault Tab (CIMS Only)
    New to CIMS is the Vault Tab. The Vault Tab not only allows you to keep track of vault placement date and remarks, it permits you to place a shape on the map in a process similar to a burial or marker. The vault shapes vary in sizes and shapes.
  3. Ensure Only a Single Instance of CIMS or CIMS Light is Running
    As a safeguard to the integrity of your database and map files, CIMS and CIMS Light now ensure that each licensed PC only has one instance of the program running at once. When a user attempts to open CIMS or CIMS Light, the program will first check to see if it is already running in your taskbar or as a background application. If another running instance of the program is detected, CIMS (or CIMS Light) will request that you choose either to close all currently running instances or cancel opening the new instance of the program. Under special circumstances, this feature can be disabled. If you feel you need to have multiple instances of CIMS running at the same time on one PC, please call Technical Support at 1-800-332-7532 for more assistance.
  4. Additional Marker Symbols (CIMS Only)
    CIMS has increased the number of Marker shapes for you to choose from when adding Markers to your map. This will give you greater flexibility in customizing the appearance of your map.
  5. Multi-User Editing (CIMS Only)
    A feature is now included in CIMS that allows the program to lock a layer of the map (Burials, Markers or Vaults) when it is being edited by a user. This prevents other users from potentially attempting to make changes to the same map layer at the same time. This feature is to protect the integrity of your database and map files. Under most conditions, this feature is turned off and not necessary. If you feel your cemetery has many users entering data simultaneously and might necessitate having this feature activated, please contact Technical Support at 1-800-332-7532 for more assistance.